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Doyle Hernandez Millam

Doyle Hernandez Millam, formerly The Doyle Firm, P.C. , is a civil litigation firm based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since Bill Doyle started the firm in 1989, we have committed ourselves to doing one thing and doing it well: litigating civil cases in state and federal courts.

Most important for success, we believe, is an active analytic approach to each case, whether it involves a multi-party class action construction defect, products liability, bad faith, catastrophic bodily injury, medical malpractice or other issues. To this end, we bring proven defense litigation talent and experience for commercial entities, governments, and professionals. When it comes to trial preparation and litigation management, we employ proven document management systems and trial presentation systems to help maximize effective, efficient case management and litigation for clients.

We enjoy and take pride in what we do. We deliver quality legal services in an environment where no one is a stranger, ideas are shared, and efforts are coordinated. Our practice is organized into practice teams, so that each case has the benefit of:

  • An experienced partner,
  • A hardworking associate,
  • And a dedicated paralegal

We value our long-standing relationships with our clients. We take pride in our successful track record, on behalf of our clients, in state and federal courtrooms, including the appellate level, at mediation tables, and in front of arbitration panels.

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