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Practice Areas

General Liability Insurance Defense

Our focus since 1989 has been representing commercial entities and individuals involved in all types of general liability litigation. We work closely with property and casualty and personal line insurance carriers to achieve well-considered and cost-effective outcomes.

Public Entity Litigation

We have deep expertise defending and consulting with public and governmental entities in tort, land use, civil rights, and other general civil litigation. We understand the importance of ensuring our clients’ immunities and rights are protected. We regularly defend all types of governmental liability claims. Our experience and knowledge give us the ability to guide public entities and other governmental entities through all phases of the legal process.

Social Services Defense

We represent and defend agencies and individuals that provide Social Services, including non-emergent medical transportation companies, residential care facilities, and behavioral health service providers.

We understand the social service system and the flow of information within that system. This understanding allows us to provide a focused and thorough representation.

Construction Litigation

Our litigation team coordinates, manages, and tries these frequently complex cases, often dealing with claims of construction defect, breach of contract, breach of warrant, and indemnity claims. These matters require not only a strong grasp of design, construction and the law, but also a sensitivity to the relationships between and among commercial and residential real estate developers, general contractors, and subcontractors.

Professional Liability Defense

We represent all types of licensed professionals, including:

We understand the importance of retaining the right experts for the job, preparing our clients for deposition, trial or NASD arbitration, and accurately assessing liability exposure and damages.

Class Action Litigation

Whether in the context of a construction defect or products liability case, we understand and enjoy the challenge of class action cases. We have been successful in challenging class certification, in working with national counsel, and in coordinating defenses and coverages.

Catastrophic Bodily Injury and Wrongful Death Defense

We defend a variety of commercial and public entities in cases dealing with large personal injury and property damage claims. We have the experience and connections to aggressively, but cost-effectively, defend large loss claims, including wrongful death claims.

Products Liability Defense

We are proud of our track record in representing manufacturers and suppliers in cases dealing with everything from sports equipment to medical devices.

Bad Faith and Insurance Coverage

Whether in the context of a declaratory judgment action, a third-party bad faith claim or a tender of defense analysis, these cases require a thoughtful and strategic approach. We provide the leadership needed to address the interplay of insurance contract analysis, the facts and the ever-changing law in this area.

Appellate Advocacy

We are experienced in analyzing the record and the law in providing effective and strategic appellate representation, whether it is for a case we have taken to trial or cases tried by other counsel. We regularly bring and defend appeals and special actions before the Arizona Court of Appeals and petitions and special actions before the Arizona Supreme Court. Some representative cases include: